About Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals

Alliances and Collaborations

Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals remains interested in the following alliance frameworks:

  • Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals will seek to partner clinical stage programs after establishing registration indications and securing a regulatory route to market. Through informed early development and efficient and innovative clinical trial designs, Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals will derisk development programs prior to seeking a partner. For example, through its innovative sequential combination strategy of sapacitabine alternating with decitabine employed in a Phase 1/2 pilot study and in the ongoing Phase 3 SEAMLESS study Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals will build risk mitigation strategies into late stage development programs.
  • Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals seeks strategic partners for certain advanced preclinical programs, where the partnership brings benefit to both parties via acceleration into first in man studies through leverage of a partner's capabilities and Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals' focus on translational biology and biomarker development to inform early clinical development.
  • Where appropriate, Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals seeks early stage partners with unique program specific requisite expertise. Such representative programs may encompass Inflammatory Kidney Disease and Diabetes.

In all cases, Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals will look to retain the right to continue to build on its existing infrastructure.

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